• Is there a minimum age to rent a car?

    Individuals who possess a valid driver's license and are 23 years or older have the option to rent a car.

  • Where can you find Selfdrive app?

    The Selfdrive app can be downloaded from both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, and customers also have the option to book a car through our website.

  • What are the steps / process to book a car of your choice?

    Using 3 simple steps a customer can book a car through SEARCH - SELECT - PAY process.

  • Is there any charges to add a co-driver?

    Yes, you can add an additional driver to your rental car for a nominal fee, but it is important to ensure that they meet the criteria of renting a car. By doing so, you can enjoy a hassle-free and safe driving experience with your additional driver.

  • Do you offer vehicle deliver & pick service?

    For our customers convenience, we deliver and collect vehicle right at your doorstep for a nominal fee.


  • What is Express Booking?

    Under Express Booking a customer can book car for a minimum of 1 day to maximum of 29 days.

  • What is Micro Lease?

    Micro Lease is the most flexible way to rent a car for a period starting from 1 month up to 12 months. With Micro Lease your rental includes basic insurance, maintenance & service.

  • What is a Car subscription?

    A car subscription combines the advantages of both renting and long-term leasing, providing the perfect blend of flexibility and benefits. Under this programme a customer can directly rent a car for 6 months or 12 months.

  • What is Airport rental?

    Airport rental is designed for convenience of transportation during trips. A customer can book a car and can directly pick it up from the Airport counter.

  • What is Lease Pro?

    A Leasing program where customers can rent brand new cars starting from 12 months, 24 & 36 months. Brands like Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Audi, Volkswagen to name a few are part of this program.

  • What is Neos?

    Neos is UAE’s first “Drive a New Car Every Year” program giving the customers flexibility to drive a brand-new car every year. Under this programme the customer needs to select a car for a 1-year tenure and just pay a monthly fee. This program includes insurance, service, maintenance, replacement vehicle & 24/7 roadside assistance at “0” additional cost.


  • Is there a security deposit amount?

    Yes, there is a security deposit involved for your booking which will be refunded in 30 working days after returning the vehicle.

  • Can I pay using cash?

    No, we accept payments only through valid VISA, Mastercard, AMEX Debit/Credit card.

  • What is Salik?

    Salik is UAE’s toll road system. All our vehicles are installed with a Salik tag and each time a car crosses it, renter will be charged an amount AED 5 plus VAT.


  • What type of Insurance is available?

    All rental cars come with standard insurance wherein a police report is mandatory in order to claim under insurance and must be provided in case of any accident or damage to the vehicle.

  • What is SD Protect?

    SD Protect Basic:

    • 50% Off Insurance excess waiver

    Basic Damage over which covers 50% of insurance excess even if it is your fault as long as you have police report.

    SD Protect Plus:

    • 100% Off Insurance excess waiver
    • Tyre Damage
    • Windshield Damage

    Full Damage Cover which covers 100% of insurance excess. You are also covered for tyre and windshield damage not covered by traditional insurance policies. All this even if it is your fault as long as you have police report.

    SD Protect Pro:

    • 100% Off Insurance excess waiver
    • Tyre Damage
    • Windshield Damage
    • Rim Damage
    • Lost Key*(50% of the actual cost will be covered)

    You are covered for 100% insurance excess. In addition to this we also cover you for tyre, rim & windshield damage. In case you lose your key, we bear 50% of the cost. All this even if it is your fault as long as you have police report.

    SD PROTECT, in case of accident damage or if the renter is at fault the renter can opt for Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) by paying an additional charge to avoid paying excess insurance during an unfortunate event of any known or unknown damage.

    Note: SCDW should be added to your rental agreement in advance and cannot be amended in between the rental duration or for an extension.

Locations In UAE

  • Where is your office located?

    The HQ of Selfdrive is located in B3 , Dubai CommerCity , Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Please Note: Selfdrive doesn’t own any of the cars and cars are not available in this location. Team Selfdrive works here to provide you with the top-quality service. All cars are available at the locations of our dealership which are present all over UAE.


  • What are the required documents to rent a car?

  • UAE Nationals UAE Expats Residents GCC Residents International Travellers
    Emirates ID Emirates ID Resident Country ID Resident Country ID
    Valid Driving License UAE Driving License GCC Driving License Home Country Driving License
    - - - International Driver’s Permit
    - Passport Passport Passport
    Credit/Debit Card Credit/Debit Card Credit/Debit Card Credit/Debit Card

    Please Note: Credit/Debit card must be in the name of the renter and if it's booked on behalf of someone, the cardholder needs to be present at the time of collecting the vehicle to sign the agreement. In case of absence, the payer's signed authorization letter must be submitted.


  • What is your Mileage Policy?

    All rental cars include mileage limit and depend on the car and the duration you rent.

    • Daily/Weekly - starting from 200 KM/day
    • Monthly - starting from 3000 KM/month
    • Lease Pro - starting from 1666 KM/month
    • Airport Rental - starting from 250 KM/day
  • What is the fuel policy?

    When a rented vehicle is returned, the fuel level in the car should be the same as it was when the vehicle was handed over to customer. If the fuel level is considerably lower, the renter will be charged for both fuel and service charges with VAT.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Selfdrive has different cancellation policies for various circumstances.

    • 10% of the total invoice cost is applicable if the cancellation is completed before the delivery.
    • No refund is applicable if the renter intends to cancel the booking after the delivery.
    • 10% of the total invoice cost is applicable if the booking is cancelled by selfdrive due to Non-compliance with proper documents.
  • What is your late return policy?

    If the rented vehicle, such as Mitsubishi Attrage is returned at a date later than what is mentioned in the agreement, the renter is liable to pay the late return charges. The fee associated with this is directly dependent on the type vehicle.

  • What is your early return policy?

    If a renter wishes to return the vehicle early before the due date of the agreement, refund is not possible in such case.


  • Can I request additional mileage?

    Yes, renter can request for additional mileage at the time of booking the vehicle with an additional fee depending on the type of car.

  • Will I be charged for excess use of mileage?

    Yes, renter will be charged AED 1 or more depending on the type of car for excess use of mileage.

Global Locations

  • Is Selfdrive present in any other country?

    Selfdrive is present all over GCC, United Kingdom & is expanding globally


  • How can I contact you?

    Customers can contact us on the below-mentioned details
    Call: +971 42 78 9947.

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